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How much does it cost to get Thai citizenship?

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How much does it cost to get Thai citizenship?

Benefits of Thai Citizenship

Obtaining Thai citizenship offers several benefits, such as the ability to own property, work without a permit, and avoid visa renewals and re-entry permits.

Eligibility for Thai Citizenship

To apply for Thai citizenship by naturalization, you must be at least 18 years old, have lived in Thailand as a Permanent Resident for five years, have a clean criminal record, and be able to speak, understand, and write in Thai.

Application Process

You can apply for Thai citizenship at the Special Division of the Police Headquarters. You will need to submit required documents, pay the processing fee, and undergo an interview in Thai.

Processing Time

Thai citizenship applications typically take 6-12 months to process from submission.

Application Costs

The application fee for Thai citizenship is 10,000 Thai Baht for adults, 5,000 Thai Baht for children, and additional fees for certificates and recovery of nationality.

Required Documents

Documents required for a Thai citizenship application include passport copies, residence certificates, work permits, income tax proofs, and marriage/birth certificates if applicable.

Scoring Criteria

Thai authorities assess applicants based on factors like age, education, income, residence length, language knowledge, and personality.

Dual Citizenship

Thailand allows dual citizenship, meaning you can hold Thai citizenship along with another nationality if both countries permit it.

For more information on how to apply for Thai citizenship and assistance throughout the process, contact [mythailoveofficial@gmail.com].

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