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What are the richest districts in Thailand?

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Phuket: The Jewel of Wealth

Phuket shines as the wealthiest province in Thailand, boasting an impressive lack of poverty within its borders. With only 6.1 percent of households in debt, Phuket stands out as a beacon of prosperity.

Samutsakorn, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Chonburi: Following the Wealthy Path

Following closely behind Phuket are other affluent provinces including Samutsakorn, Bangkok, Nonthaburi, and Chonburi. These regions showcase high average household incomes and low poverty rates, contributing to Thailand’s economic success.

Bangkok: Leading the Income Race

Bangkok, the bustling capital city, takes the lead in average household income with an impressive THB49,191 per month. This figure nearly doubles the national average, highlighting Bangkok’s economic prowess and financial stability.

Mae Hong Sorn: Struggling with Poverty

On the other end of the spectrum lies Mae Hong Sorn, grappling with a high poverty rate of 65.2 percent. With an average household income of just THB8,821 per month, this province faces economic challenges that hinder its residents’ financial well-being.

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