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What happens if the ping pong hits you?

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Understanding Tennis Rules

Tennis can be a fun and competitive sport, but disputes over calls can sometimes arise. It’s important to know the rules to resolve these situations properly.

Scenario Explanation

In a scenario where a player hits a ball to their opponent, and it hits the opponent’s shoe while they are behind the baseline, there might be confusion on who wins the point.

The Winning Point

According to Rule 24i in tennis, if a ball in play touches a player or anything they are wearing or carrying (except the racquet), the point goes to the hitter. In this case, the player who hit the ball wins the point when it hits their opponent’s shoe.

Clarification on the Rule

Code 19 further clarifies that the opponent must concede the point when their shoe is hit by the ball. This means that in the scenario described, you would be awarded the point.

For more detailed information on tennis rules and regulations, refer to the “Friend at Court” handbook or visit the rules and regulations homepage.

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