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What is Thai kisses?

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What is a Thai Kiss?

Different cultures have various ways of expressing affection and love. In Thailand, a unique way of showing love is through a gesture called “Hom Kaem” which involves sniffing the partner’s cheek. This gesture is a common way to express affection towards loved ones, including children. The intensity of the sniff can convey different messages, from affection to passion.

Hygiene and Cultural Significance

For Thais, hygiene is essential, especially when it comes to physical contact. The act of sniffing may seem unusual to foreigners, but it is partly a way to ensure cleanliness before any form of contact. Thais value cleanliness and prefer partners who smell good, often using perfumes and fragrances to maintain a pleasant scent.

Cultural Beliefs and Personal Space

The Thai kiss and sniffing gesture stem from the belief that the body is sacred, and personal space is inviolable. Even in crowded places, Thais are mindful of not invading someone else’s space, especially around the head, which is considered the most sacred part of the body where the soul resides.

Changing Traditions and Acceptance

Public displays of affection are not widely accepted in Thai culture, particularly in more conservative areas outside of tourist hubs like Bangkok. Holding hands in public, especially for opposite-sex couples, is often considered taboo. This cultural norm has led to the popularity of the subtle and indirect practice of sniffing as a form of affection.

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