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What is the Thai money for marriage?

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Thai Dowry: Sin Sod

In Thai culture, the tradition of giving a dowry, known as “Sin Sod,” is a way for the groom to show the bride’s family that he is financially capable of taking care of their daughter. This practice is deeply rooted in Thai customs and is considered important for demonstrating financial security before marriage.

Importance of Sin Sod

For a Thai family, financial security is a significant consideration when it comes to marriage. The groom is expected to prove his ability to support his future wife and her family, including taking care of any financial responsibilities and maintaining the family home. This tradition helps to create a strong support system and closeness within the family.

Determining the Dowry Amount

The amount of the Thai dowry can vary depending on factors such as the bride’s social status and education level. On average, a Thai wife may be valued at around 100,000 Baht or more. However, in certain cases, such as if the bride has been previously married or has children, no dowry may be required.

Negotiating Sin Sod

To negotiate the dowry, the groom typically approaches the bride’s parents with “Tong Mun,” which is a form of gold engagement jewelry for the bride. This jewelry symbolizes wealth and the act of holding onto something valuable. The bride will receive this jewelry during a ceremony at her family’s home, officially marking the couple’s engagement.

Marriage Traditions

In addition to the dowry ceremony, there is also an engagement ceremony where family members tie strings around the couple’s hands as a symbol of acceptance and blessings. This ceremony, known as “Bai Sri Soon Kwan,” precedes the actual wedding, which typically takes place several weeks later.


While the Thai dowry tradition is not legally mandatory, it is a common practice among Thai families. If you are considering marriage in Thailand and would like guidance on the dowry system or marriage registration process, a law firm can provide assistance.

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