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Which gender is more in Thailand?

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In Thailand, there are 34.84 million males and 37.05 million females, making up a total population of 71.89 million. This means that there are more females than males in the country.

Male Population

Out of the total population, males make up 48.46%. This indicates that nearly half of the population in Thailand is male. The country has a surplus of 2.21 million males compared to females, which ranks it as the 8th highest in the world in terms of male population.

Female Population

On the other hand, females constitute 51.54% of the population. This shows that there are slightly more females than males in Thailand. The country ranks 44th in the world in terms of the female-to-male ratio.

Future Projection

By the year 2024, the sex ratio in Thailand is expected to be 94.029 males per 100 females. This projection gives a glimpse into the future gender distribution in the country.


Overall, Thailand has a slightly higher female population compared to males. Understanding the gender distribution can be essential for various aspects of society, including matchmaking and dating services.

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