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Who is the famous street food lady in Bangkok?

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Meet Jay Fai

Jay Fai, also known as Supinya Junsuta, is the renowned owner of a street-side restaurant in Bangkok that has gained popularity among food enthusiasts. Specializing in wok-cooked seafood dishes, Jay Fai’s restaurant received one Michelin star in the inaugural Bangkok 2018 Michelin Guide.

A Culinary Journey

Born in the 1940s to Chinese immigrant parents, Jay Fai initially worked as a seamstress before turning to cooking in her thirties. She opened her restaurant in the 1980s, starting with traditional dishes like kuaitiao khua kai and rat na. Over the years, she expanded her menu, focusing on seafood dishes and developing her own recipes and techniques.

The Restaurant Experience

Located on Maha Chai Road in Bangkok, Jay Fai’s restaurant is open-air and simply decorated. Jay Fai herself works as the sole chef, wearing ski goggles while she cooks over charcoal braziers. Her commitment to quality ingredients is reflected in her prices, which are higher than regular street food fare.

Recognition and Awards

Jay Fai’s culinary skills have attracted a loyal following over the years. In 2018, her restaurant was awarded a Michelin star, making it the only street-side eatery to receive such an honor. Famous customers like Martha Stewart have praised Jay Fai’s cooking, and the restaurant continues to draw food enthusiasts from around the world.

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