Are Thai people monogamous?

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Monogamy in Thai Culture


In Thai culture, most marriages today are monogamous, meaning that individuals have only one spouse at a time. While polygynous marriage was once common, it is now less prevalent. Marriages are often arranged by parents, but there is flexibility in choosing a partner. Marriages are typically between individuals from different villages to avoid marrying relatives. Second cousin marriages are accepted in Thai society, and the establishment of an independent family household after marriage is ideal.

Domestic Unit

In Thai families, the domestic unit consists of individuals who share meals and live together. This group typically includes six to seven people who work and eat together. The nuclear family is considered the smallest family unit, with extended family members such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins often living together. Cooperation and shared responsibilities within the household are emphasized.


In Thailand, property is divided equally among children, with the child who cares for the parents in their old age often receiving the homestead in addition to their share. This practice ensures that younger daughters who take on caregiving responsibilities are recognized for their contributions to the family.


Children in Thailand are raised by both parents, siblings, and other household members. The emphasis is on independence, self-reliance, and respect for others. Physical punishment is rare in Thai child-rearing practices, with an emphasis on positive discipline methods.

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