Do Thai people have arranged marriages?

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Marriage Traditions in Thailand

In urban Thailand, love marriages are more common than arranged marriages. However, in rural areas, arranged marriages still exist, especially among wealthy families. A typical marriage in Thailand involves a courting period that can last from weeks to years. Couples often meet at school, work, festivals, or family gatherings. Parents play a significant role in evaluating their child’s potential partner before giving consent for marriage.

Traditional Marriage Customs

In traditional Thai marriages, unions are seen as a joining of families. Senior relatives from the groom’s family usually ask the bride’s parents for her hand in marriage. Brideprice is often negotiated, and weddings are set after parental consent. Some couples even resort to sleeping together secretly if the brideprice is too high to gain approval from the parents.

Choice of Marriage Mate

In Thailand, the choice of a marriage partner is typically based on individual preference. Women generally have more power in selecting their spouse compared to men. Elopements are also common, indicating parental objection. Upon marriage, a woman changes her surname to her husband’s and her title from “Miss” to “Missus.”

Thai Romance and Love

Thai culture values romance and love, with themes of eternal love, passion, heartbreak, and destiny prevalent in folklore and literature. Thai vocabulary distinguishes between love and lust, with love idealized as pure and noble, while lust is seen as violating Buddhist principles. The concept of love is socially accepted, while lust is discouraged due to its potential harmful effects.

Marriage in Thai Culture

In Thai culture, an ideal marriage emphasizes mutual support, trust, and emotional commitment. Traditional Thai expression compares a married couple to an elephant, with the husband as the front legs and the wife as the hind legs. Decision-making is usually the husband’s responsibility, while the wife’s role involves support and cooperation.

Divorce in Thailand

Divorce rates have been rising in Thailand due to increased economic autonomy for women. Divorces can be initiated by mutual consent with common property divided equally. Twelve grounds for divorce are recognized, including adultery, criminal acts, desertion, and serious harm or torture.

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