Do Thai sex workers use condoms?

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Condom Use Among Thai Sex Workers

A recent study conducted in Thailand aimed to investigate the rates of condom usage among female sex workers (FSW) in various brothels across the country. The study focused on the influence of the clients’ country of origin on condom usage and explored the factors that may predict FSW requesting condom use.

Findings of the Study

The survey included 150 FSW from different locations in Thailand, such as Bangkok, Chang Mai, Mae Hong Son, and other small villages. The results revealed that Thai FSW requested condom use in 63% of cases, but the overall mean of condom use was only 51%. Condom use varied based on the clients’ country of origin, with westerners showing the highest rate at 76%, followed by foreign Asians at 52%, and native Thai men at 27%.

Implications for Public Health

The study highlighted a significant gap between the actual condom usage rates among Thai sex workers and the Ministry of Health’s goal of achieving 100% condom use in brothels. It also emphasized the need for targeted public health education initiatives to address the low condom usage among native Thai FSW patrons.

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