What happens in Thailand red light district?

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Understanding Pattaya’s Red Light District

Pattaya’s red light district is a well-known area in Thailand where visitors can find a variety of entertainment venues, including go-go bars, sex shows, and sex workers. This district is centered around Pattaya’s vibrant walking street and beach road, attracting primarily Western male tourists.

What to Expect in the Red Light District

In the red light district, visitors will encounter various go-go bars with dancers performing in varying stages of undress. It’s common for women to approach patrons and ask for “lady drinks”, but patrons are not obligated to participate. Popular bars in the area include Baccara A Go Go, Airport Club, and Alcatraz, each offering unique entertainment experiences.

Legalities of Sex Work in Thailand

Although sex work is illegal in Thailand, it still occurs in the red light district. Customers typically pay “bar fines” to take an employee out of work, with additional services negotiated separately. Many workers rely on these transactions to supplement their income.

Potential Changes in the Future

Thailand’s tourism ministry has expressed a desire to end the sex trade in the country, leading to increased scrutiny and crackdowns on illegal activities. While efforts are being made to address issues such as human trafficking and exploitation, it remains to be seen how effective these actions will be in the long run.

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