What happens when you get deported from Thailand?

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What Happens When You Get Deported from Thailand?

Deportation Process

If it is discovered that an alien in Thailand falls under certain circumstances as outlined in the Immigration Act, the Director General will bring the case to the Immigration Commission. If the Commission decides that the alien’s permission to stay should be revoked, they will submit their opinion to the Minister for final consideration.

Deportation of Aliens

Any alien entering or staying in Thailand without permission, or whose permission has expired or been revoked, will be deported by competent officials. The alien may be required to stay at a designated place or report to officials at specific times. Detention may also be necessary, with expenses charged to the alien.

Deportation Expenses

The expenses of deportation will be charged to the owner or person in charge of the conveyance that brought the alien into Thailand. If there is no owner or person in charge, the alien may be responsible for the expenses. Aliens being deported must cover their own expenses if they wish to choose a different mode of transportation or route.

Important Information

Aliens deported under the Immigration Act will be sent back via an appropriate conveyance chosen by officials. The competent official may order the owner of the conveyance or the person issuing travel documents not to make any changes to the details for deportation purposes.

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