What is GPA in Thailand?

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Academic Grading System in Thailand

In Thailand, there is a structured academic system for grading at both school and university levels. The grading is primarily based on a numerical scale in both systems of education.

Academic Grading in School Education System in Thailand

In the secondary education system, the following grading system is used:

Grading in Higher Education in Thailand

In higher educational institutions, the grading of subjects is more detailed. A Letter Grade is assigned along with a Numerical Grade in the following manner:

Grade Point Average (GPA)

GPA has become one of the commonly used methods of grading in higher education in Thailand. It is the average of course grades received during the semester. A student completes a degree through GPA or grade point average. Cumulative GPA is the GPA for courses taken throughout the degree programme. To calculate the GPA, the numerical value for each letter grade achieved for the course is multiplied by the number of credits for each course. These numbers are added together and divided by the total credit number for all courses.


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