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Taboo Customs in Thailand

Thailand is a country known for its friendly and courteous culture. If you are planning to visit Thailand or have Thai friends, it is important to be aware of some customs and etiquette that are considered taboo in the country.

Etiquette Do’s

Remove Your Shoes When entering a Thai residence, temple, or palace, it is customary to remove your shoes. This gesture shows respect and helps keep the place clean.

Don’t Step On Thresholds Avoid stepping directly on door thresholds as spirits are believed to reside there. By respecting this custom, you avoid bringing bad luck to the residents.

Dress Properly When visiting temples or palaces, it is important to dress modestly. For men, shorts may be acceptable, but women should wear long skirts or pants and avoid revealing clothing.

Always Return a Wai Greeting The traditional Thai greeting “Wai” should be returned when offered. This gesture is a sign of respect and courtesy.

Respect The Monks And Do Not Touch Them Monks are highly respected in Thailand, and touching them is considered disrespectful. It is important to show proper respect when interacting with monks.

Be Mindful When Taking Pictures While taking photos in temples is usually allowed, it is important to be respectful of those around you. Always check for any rules or guidelines before taking photos.

Smile Smiling is an important part of Thai etiquette. It shows happiness and politeness, but be aware that a smile can have different meanings in Thai culture.

Etiquette Don’ts

Don’t Touch People’s Heads The head is considered sacred in Thailand, and touching someone’s head is disrespectful. Always ask for permission before touching someone’s head.

Don’t Prop Your Feet On Tables or High Up Feet are considered unclean in Thai culture, so avoid propping them up on tables or pointing them towards important objects.

Avoid Being Overly Affectionate In Public Public displays of affection are considered inappropriate in Thailand. It is best to show affection in private settings.

Do Not Collect Coral Fragments Or Shells From Their Natural Habitat Taking coral fragments or shells from their natural habitat is harmful to the environment and illegal in Thailand. Choose other souvenirs to bring home instead.

Don’t Point Pointing at people is considered rude in Thailand. Use gestures that are more respectful, such as indicating with your chin or using your whole hand to point at objects.

Understanding these customs and etiquette will help you show respect and courtesy when visiting Thailand. If you need assistance with matchmaking or dating in Thailand, feel free to contact us at [mythailoveofficial@gmail.com].

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