What is the bar fine at Nana Plaza?

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Bar fines at Nana Plaza refer to the fee that customers pay to take a bar girl out of the establishment. This fee is separate from any other expenses incurred during the interaction.

How Much is the Bar Fine?

The bar fine at Nana Plaza can vary depending on the specific bar and time of day. On average, bar fines typically range from 500 to 1,000 baht. It’s essential to inquire about the specific bar fine before engaging with a bar girl.

What Does the Bar Fine Cover?

The bar fine covers the cost of taking the bar girl out of the bar for a specified period. It does not include any additional services or activities that may occur outside of the establishment.

Tips for Dealing with Bar Fines

  1. Negotiate: It’s common practice to negotiate the bar fine with the bar girl before agreeing to pay. Make sure you are clear on what is included in the fee.

  2. Clarify Terms: Before paying the bar fine, clarify any expectations or additional costs that may arise during your time with the bar girl.

  3. Respect Boundaries: Remember that bar girls are individuals with their own boundaries and preferences. Always treat them with respect and ensure consent is given before proceeding.

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