Which country is best to give birth for a foreigner?

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Advantages of giving birth abroad:

How to arrange a trip and childbirth abroad:

  1. Plan your trip around 1-2 months before the due date.
  2. Choose accommodation close to the clinic.
  3. Research and select a reputable maternity hospital.
  4. Consider hiring an interpreter if necessary.
  5. Purchase pregnancy insurance for emergency medical coverage.

What to do after childbirth:

  1. Obtain proof of child’s birth from the clinic.
  2. Get a birth certificate from the local registry office.
  3. Apply for citizenship for the child and parents if applicable.

Citizenship of countries through childbirth:

Popular countries for childbirth:




Costs of giving birth abroad:


Chile is the best country to give birth abroad in 2022 as it offers citizenship for foreign children born on its territory, along with modern medical facilities and strict quality standards.

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