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Who is the Thai man with 8 wives?

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Meet Ong Dam Sorot

Ong Dam Sorot is a tattoo artist from Thailand who made headlines for his unique marital situation. He currently has eight wives, who all live together under one roof as one big happy family. Despite the controversy surrounding his lifestyle, Sorot and his wives claim to have a harmonious relationship.

How Sorot Met His Wives

Sorot met his first wife, Nong Sprite, at a friend’s wedding and quickly proposed to her. He then encountered his second wife, Nong L, at a market, and his third wife, Nong Nan, at a hospital. The following wives were met through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, as well as during a visit to a temple and on holiday in Pattaya.

The Harmony Among the Wives

According to Sorot and his wives, he is an extremely caring and considerate man who treats each of them well. The wives have established a system where they take turns sharing a bed with Sorot, and they have expressed that they have no reason to argue because of the love and care they receive from him.

Sorot’s Unique Family Dynamic

Currently, two of Sorot’s wives are expecting children, adding to the family dynamic. Despite the challenges and criticisms they face, Sorot’s wives stand by their decision to marry him due to his charming and attentive nature. They have found ways to navigate their relationships with their families and friends who initially struggled to understand their choices.

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