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What are Thai adoption laws?

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Understanding Thai Adoption Laws


In Thailand, both boys and girls are available for adoption. Some agencies allow families to specify gender, while others do not. Typically, the referral process for a boy is shorter when requesting an unidentified child.


Children aged 1 to 15 years may be adopted in Thailand. However, it is relatively rare to see kids over the age of 10 referred to non-Thai-speaking families. Some families requesting young/healthy/unidentified children through the DSDW-direct quota system have received referrals of younger children and been able to adopt before the child’s first birthday.

Twins or Sibling Groups

Occasionally, twins or sibling groups may be available for adoption. It is generally not possible to adopt more than one Thai child at a time unless you are adopting the children of your Thai spouse.


Most Thai children waiting for adoption live in orphanages, which can be government-run or run by NGOs or private charities. Families may request healthy or special-needs children, but it’s important to be aware that even “healthy” children who have spent time in institutions may have developmental delays.

Eligibility for Adoption

The Child Adoption Board of Thailand must sign off on all adoptions of Thai children, including adoptions of children in care of the DSDW or designated NGOs. If birth-parent(s) are known, children must have been legally relinquished under Thai law.

Family Requirements

Thai law does not stipulate a long list of family requirements for adoption. Married couples must consist of a man and woman who are at least 25 years old. Single women can petition to adopt special-needs children only.

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