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Can you get a Thai passport if you were born in Thailand?

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Can you get a Thai passport if you were born in Thailand?

Acquiring Thai Citizenship

If you were born in Thailand to parents who both hold Thai nationality, you automatically acquire Thai citizenship. However, if one of your parents is a foreigner, you do not automatically acquire Thai citizenship. Whether you can become a Thai citizen depends on various factors such as your parents’ immigration status and marriage status.

Naturalization Process

If you are a foreigner who wants to obtain Thai citizenship, you must go through the naturalization process. The Interior Minister has the discretion to approve or deny your application. To qualify for naturalization as a Thai citizen, you must meet certain criteria, including being of legal age, having good behavior, having a regular occupation, and residing in Thailand for at least five consecutive years. Additionally, you must be proficient in the Thai language as prescribed in the regulations.

Exemptions and Special Cases

There are exemptions to some of the qualifications for naturalization. For instance, if you have rendered distinguished acts for Thailand, or if you are the child, spouse, or husband of a person who has undergone the naturalization process, you may be exempt from certain requirements. Foreign applicants residing in Thailand with children who are not of legal age may also apply for naturalization for their children.

Applying on Behalf of Another Person

In certain situations, other parties may apply for naturalization on behalf of another person. For example, a guardian may apply for naturalization for an incompetent person, or a ruler of a public foster home may apply for naturalization for children under their care. Additionally, a Thai person may apply for naturalization for an adopted child.

Recovery of Thai Nationality

If a Thai national marries a foreigner and acquires their spouse’s nationality, they do not automatically lose their Thai nationality. However, they may lose their Thai nationality if they renounce it or if it is revoked by the Government of Thailand. In case of marriage dissolution, a person who has renounced their Thai nationality may apply for recovery of Thai nationality.

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