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Can you street drink in Phuket?

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Street Drinking in Phuket

Local Thai Beer

In Phuket, you can enjoy local Thai beers like Leo, Chang, and Singha in small or large cans or bottles. These beers are perfect for cooling down after a day at the beach or enjoying with a spicy Thai meal.

Imported Beer

If you prefer imported beer, you can find brands like San Miguel, Tiger, Heineken, and Beer Lao in supermarkets and convenience stores. Tops Market and Villa Market offer a wide selection, including American, Belgian, British, German, and Japanese beers.


Phuket offers a variety of imported wines at supermarkets like Villa Market and specialty stores such as Wine Connection. Keep in mind that Thailand’s import tax on wine and alcohol can be as high as 60%.


For those who prefer spirits, imported whiskey, vodka, and rum can be found at Villa Market and Tops Central Festival. There are also smaller selections at supermarkets and convenience stores like Big C and 7/11.

Drink Prices

Prices for drinks in Phuket vary depending on the location. Expect to pay more in touristy areas like Patong and upscale hotels, while prices are lower at independent restaurants and bars.

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