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Do Thai people believe in divorce?

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Overview of Divorce in Thailand

In Thailand, marriages can be legally terminated by death, divorce, or by a court revoking the marriage. Divorce can be uncontested, where both parties agree, or contested, where there is a dispute between the couple. It is essential to seek legal advice and assistance during this emotional process to ensure a smooth transition.

Types of Divorce in Thailand

Uncontested Divorce (By Mutual Consent)

This type of divorce occurs when both spouses agree to end their marriage and register the divorce at the local municipality. It involves negotiating terms related to assets, child custody, and other matters. An uncontested divorce is generally easier and less expensive since both parties agree to the separation.

Contested Divorce (By Court Judgment)

A contested divorce is brought to court when there is a dispute between the couple, such as property disagreements or child custody issues. Grounds for contested divorce in Thailand include adultery, misconduct, desertion, imprisonment, or other circumstances outlined in the Civil and Commercial Code.

Filing for Divorce in Thailand

Couples from Thailand, an intercultural marriage, or a Thai national and a foreign national can file for divorce in Thailand. Regardless of the circumstances, filing for divorce at a district office is necessary when both parties agree to end the marriage. If the marriage was held outside of Thailand, additional steps may be required to report the marriage registration and file for divorce.

Seek Legal Assistance

It is crucial to be well-informed about the divorce process and its implications before proceeding with a filing. Consulting with an attorney can help you understand the documentation needed and navigate the legal aspects of divorcing in Thailand. Whether it is a mutual or contested divorce, legal guidance can ensure a fair and just settlement.

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