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How do Thai show respect?

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Wai, Wai, Wai!

In Thailand, showing respect is a big part of the culture. One way to do this is by performing a Wai, which involves putting your hands together and bowing your head slightly. You should Wai everyone you meet, especially those who are older or of similar age. The higher you place your hands during a Wai, the more respectful it is. It is important to keep your feet just below your nose during this gesture.

Never point the bottoms of your feet towards people:

In Thailand, it is considered very disrespectful to point the bottoms of your feet towards someone, as the bottom of the feet are seen as the dirtiest part of the body. When sitting on the ground, make sure to tuck your feet in, and when sitting in a chair, keep them on the ground. If you want to cross your legs, be sure to tuck in your feet so they are not pointing at anyone.

Barter/haggle but don’t be unfair:

When shopping in Thailand, it is common to barter or haggle over prices. However, it is important to be fair and not take advantage of the sellers. If you feel like you are being ripped off, it is okay to politely decline and walk away. Remember that the people selling goods may not make as much money as tourists, so be kind and considerate during negotiations.

Dress respectfully at temples:

When visiting temples in Thailand, it is crucial to dress respectfully. Both men and women should cover their shoulders and knees, and avoid wearing anything sheer or revealing. It is also customary to remove your shoes before entering a temple, so slip-on shoes are recommended.

Never discuss politics or the royal family:

Thailand has strict laws regarding discussions about the monarchy, especially since the passing of the beloved King. It is respectful to avoid any conversations about politics or the royal family while in Thailand. If you plan on visiting in the near future, consider wearing muted dark colors or a black ribbon as a sign of respect.

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