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Is 17 a minor in Thailand?

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Understanding the Concept of “Minor”

In the legal system, a minor is someone below a certain age defined by the law, separating them from legal adulthood. The age of majority, which marks the transition from minor to adult, varies by jurisdiction, but is typically around 18 years old.

Age of Majority in Different Countries

Understanding Minors in Thailand

The Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand does not explicitly define “minor.” However, according to sections 19 and 20 of the code:

Hence, in Thailand, a minor is generally considered anyone under 20 years old. Minors are restricted from performing juristic acts like signing contracts without consent from their legal representative.

Exceptions for Minors

Exceptions exist for acts that benefit the minor or are necessary for their well-being. For example, a minor can make a will at the age of fifteen.

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