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What do Thai bar girls do?

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Thai bar girls are women who work in bars, entertaining patrons either individually or as performers. Their roles can vary widely, from light conversation to sexual services or public entertainment like go-go dancing or striptease.

Types of Bars

Thai bar girls work in various types of bars, including strip clubs, hostess bars, go-go bars, beer bars, dance bars, and boliches in different countries.


Bar girls typically work as bar hostesses or dancers, providing entertainment like lap dancing or exotic dancing. They may also engage in sexual services, such as pole dancing, sex shows, or trick shows like the ping pong show.


Bargirls often receive a commission on drinks bought by customers, tips, and a percentage of any bar fine. Some may have a salary or periodic quota of drinks. Success may lead to increased earnings.

Working Conditions

Many Thai bar girls come from economically disadvantaged areas and work in bars to support their families or improve their living conditions. Working conditions can vary among establishments and countries.

Legal Status

While bargirl prostitution is technically illegal in some countries like Thailand, it is widely tolerated. Bargirls may work independently or be employed by a bar.


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