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What happens if I marry a foreigner?

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What Happens if I Marry a Foreigner?

Marrying Someone from Another Country

If you and your future spouse are already in the United States, you may need to go through a process called “adjustment of status” to transfer their temporary visa to a green card. This process requires getting married and registering your marriage with the appropriate officials. Be aware of the “90-day rule,” which can impact your green card application if you marry or apply within 90 days of entering the U.S.

If You’re in the U.S. but Your Future Spouse Isn’t

You have two options if your future spouse is not in the U.S.: getting married outside the country and applying for a green card through consular processing, or obtaining a K1 visa (fiancé visa) to marry in the U.S. and adjust their status to a green card holder. Each option has its own requirements and processes that need to be followed.

If Both You and Your Future Spouse Are Outside the U.S.

If you want to come to the U.S. and marry, the K1 visa is a good option. It allows your future spouse to come to the U.S., marry you, and adjust their status. Alternatively, if you plan to marry in the U.S. and then return to another country, you can still marry on a temporary visa but won’t be eligible for adjusting your status under the “90-day rule.”

Special Considerations

When marrying a foreigner, it’s important to consider U.S. authorities’ recognition of civil marriages for immigration purposes. Certain types of marriages, such as polygamous relationships or marriages entered into solely for immigration reasons, may not be recognized by USCIS. Same-sex marriages are recognized but must be documented accordingly.

If you’re considering marrying a foreigner and need guidance on visa options or the immigration process, feel free to reach out to us at [mythailoveofficial@gmail.com]. Let us help you navigate the path to a successful marriage with your foreign partner.

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