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What is the dating culture in Thailand?

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Understanding Thai Dating Culture

Dating in Thailand follows some traditional customs, but is also evolving, especially in urban areas and among younger generations. Here’s what you need to know about dating in Thailand.

Family Influence

Family approval is essential in Thai dating culture. No matter the age or background, Thai individuals seek approval from their family when a relationship becomes serious.

Online Dating

Online dating has become popular in Thailand, with many people meeting through dating apps. Initial dates often take place in restaurants, bars, cinemas, parks, or for walks.

Slow Progression

Thai dating typically progresses at a slow pace. Serious relationships often lead to marriage, with rates increasing in recent years.

LGBTQ+ Dating

Thailand has a strong LGBTQ+ dating scene in major cities, even though gay marriage is still illegal.

How to Meet People in Thailand

Online Dating Apps

Exploring online dating platforms is a great way to enter the Thai dating scene. Popular apps like Thai Cupid, ThaiFriendly, Badoo, and others cater to various preferences.

Social Media

Utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Line, and Meetup can help you connect with people who share similar interests.

Speed Dating Events

Attending speed dating events is another common way to meet potential partners in Thailand. Websites like ThaiSpeedDating provide details of upcoming events.

Traditional Approaches

You can also rely on friends or professional networks to find dates. Social gatherings and events in big cities offer opportunities to meet new people.

Thai Dating Etiquette

Gender Roles

Men typically make the first move in Thai dating. While traditional roles like men paying for everything still exist, many Thai women now prefer to share expenses.

Punctuality and Dress Code

Thais value punctuality and personal hygiene. Dressing well and maintaining good hygiene are important when going on a date in Thailand.

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