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Which country has the most children per family?

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Fertility rates differ across the globe due to various reasons such as healthcare access, cultural beliefs, and economic status. Understanding which countries have the highest and lowest number of children per family is essential for policymakers and individuals alike.

Countries with the Most Children

According to data from the World Bank, Niger has the highest birth rate with an average of 6.8 children per family. Following Niger, Somalia and Chad have a birth rate of 6.3 children per family. Sub-Saharan African countries dominate the list of highest fertility rates.

Factors Influencing Birth Rates

Several factors contribute to the number of children families have in different countries. These factors include access to contraception, cultural preferences for children, economic status, education opportunities for women, and availability of affordable healthcare. Financial constraints can significantly impact family size as some families lack access to affordable healthcare and birth control options.

Global Comparison

The average birth rate worldwide is 2.3 children per family. Regions like Sub-Saharan Africa have a higher average birth rate of 4.6 children per family compared to regions like North America with a rate of 1.6 children per family.

Economic Status and Family Size

Economic standing also plays a role in determining the number of children per family. Low-income countries have an average of 4.6 children per family, while high-income countries have fewer children at 1.5 per family.

Cost of Raising Children

The cost of raising a child varies by location and can be substantial. In the United States, caregivers may spend up to $300,000 over a child’s lifetime on expenses like healthcare, education, and childcare.


Understanding the factors influencing birth rates and family size is crucial for policymakers and individuals seeking to plan their families. If you are interested in finding a romantic partner in Thailand for marriage or long-term dating, contact us at [mythailoveofficial@gmail.com].

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