How much money do you have to make to marry a foreigner?

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Understanding the Financial Requirements for Marrying a Foreigner

When considering marrying a foreigner and applying for a marriage-based green card, the sponsoring partner must meet certain financial obligations to support their spouse or family member. The minimum annual income required to sponsor a relative for a green card is $25,550 for sponsors in the 48 contiguous states, D.C., and U.S. territories. This financial responsibility ensures the incoming immigrant’s financial stability while residing in the United States.

Meeting the Minimum Income Requirements

To sponsor a relative for a green card, the sponsor must provide evidence of their income from their most recent tax returns and current income sources. This includes wages, salaries, retirement benefits, alimony, child support, dividends, or other legal sources of income. If the sponsor’s income alone does not meet the minimum requirement, they can include income from other adult household members who agree to support the immigrant financially.

Using Assets as Income Substitutes

If the sponsor’s combined household income still falls short of the minimum requirement, they can use assets as substitutes for income. These assets must be convertible into cash within one year without significant financial loss. Assets can include savings accounts, CDs, mutual fund investments, stocks, bonds, home equity, and the net value of vehicles.

Calculating Asset Requirements

To determine the value of assets needed to meet the financial requirements, sponsors can subtract their actual household income from the minimum required income and multiply the difference by 3 for U.S. citizens or 5 for green card holders. This calculation helps demonstrate financial stability and support for the immigrant relative seeking a green card.

Get Expert Guidance on Marriage-Based Green Card Process

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Remember, meeting the financial requirements is essential for a successful green card application and ensuring the financial stability of your loved one in the United States. Let My Thai Love help you through this process with ease and expertise.

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