How to not look like a tourist in Bangkok?

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Tips on Blending in Like a Local in Bangkok

Dress Appropriately

When visiting Bangkok, it’s essential to dress the part to avoid standing out as a tourist. Avoid typical backpacker attire and opt for more stylish and trendy clothing. Think Manhattan chic in the summertime to blend in seamlessly with the fashionable locals.

Travel Light

Instead of lugging around a bulky backpack, travel with a rolling suitcase like many upper-middle-class Thais do. This not only helps you fit in better but also makes navigating the city much easier with its modern infrastructure.

Stay in Comfort

While hostels may be popular among backpackers, booking a four-star hotel at an affordable price can provide a more authentic experience. Look for accommodations that offer comfort and convenience without breaking the bank.

Explore Local Cuisine

When dining out, skip the Pad Thai and opt for Pad See Ew, a more popular noodle dish among Thais. Additionally, don’t be afraid to try non-Thai cuisine as Bangkok offers a diverse range of international dishes with a unique Thai twist.

Embrace Photography

Taking photos like a local is a great way to immerse yourself in the Thai culture. Capture moments and share them freely as photography is a common practice among Thais. Don’t hesitate to snap selfies or scenic shots to feel like a true local.

Avoid Tourist Traps

To avoid looking like a typical tourist, steer clear of GoGo bars and opt for cultural experiences that are more authentic to Bangkok. Skip the TukTuk rides and head to local favorites like Hua Hin instead of Pattaya for a more genuine experience.

Experience Local Traditions

While getting a traditional Thai massage may seem touristy, it’s a worthwhile experience to indulge in during your trip. Look for reputable places recommended on TripAdvisor for a relaxing and enjoyable massage session.

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