Is it hard to get Thai citizenship?

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Is it hard to get Thai citizenship?

Thai Citizenship Act

The Thai Citizenship Act, passed in 1965, outlines the regulations for acquiring Thai citizenship. The law includes principles of both jus sanguinis (right of blood) and jus soli (right of soil).

Jus Sanguinis

Under this principle, a child born to a Thai parent automatically acquires Thai nationality at birth. However, proof of biological relationship may be required for children born through the paternal line.

Jus Soli

While Thailand historically recognized jus soli, changes in the law have restricted this right over the years. Requirements such as both parents being legally resident in Thailand for five years were introduced to prevent illegal immigration.


To become a naturalized Thai citizen, one must meet certain criteria such as Thai language proficiency, a minimum income, and a declaration to renounce previous citizenship. The process has varying requirements based on marital status.

Citizenship Status

Thai nationality is categorized into three levels - natural-born citizen, naturalized person, and statelessness. Each level has specific rights and restrictions.

Dual Nationality

Thai citizens who acquire another nationality can generally maintain their Thai citizenship without issue. There are specific rules for different scenarios, such as dual national children and foreign spouses of Thai citizens.

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