Which country has more deaths than births?

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Which Country has More Deaths than Births?


One important indicator of a country’s population health is the natural increase rate, which is the difference between the number of births and deaths in a given year. When a country has more deaths than births, it is known as a natural decrease.

Factors Contributing to Natural Decrease

Several factors can contribute to a country experiencing more deaths than births. These factors may include an aging population, declining fertility rates, and emigration of younger individuals seeking better opportunities abroad.

Countries with More Deaths than Births

Currently, some countries are experiencing a natural decrease in population. These countries include Japan, Italy, and Bulgaria. These nations have been grappling with low birth rates and an aging population, leading to more deaths than births.

Implications of Natural Decrease

A natural decrease in population can have significant implications for a country’s economy, healthcare system, and overall social structure. It can lead to a shrinking workforce, increased healthcare costs for the elderly, and challenges in sustaining social welfare programs.

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